Monday, December 8, 2008


Look what I made!!
I love the quilts from Don't Look Now, and I used part of one of her templates for kid smocks to make the applique.
Love it.
The bird's tail and the flower stems are done using free-motion quilting.
I put tear-away stabilizer underneath and just kept going back and forth over the line until it was the thickness I liked. It was SO fun... I'm definitely going to do this technique again. I used a charm pack cut in half and sewed together for the strips--Moda Simplicity. And, everything else was just random fabric I had.
Oh, another fun thing, I quilted the top and bottom stripes with hearts. You know the hearts you used to draw in sixth grade... one on top, one on bottom, etc. It turned out cute and wasn't too hard to do.
i love quilting.