Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Quilts & Ladders

I love decorating with quilts.... Thanks to Grey for all her fabulous ideas!! Here are two ways to decorate with an old ladder. I have been looking for old ladders at garage sales, without any luck. But I did find a website to buy rustic ladders.

This ladder is placed on three large nails and has other decorating touches inside each square.

This ladder is just leaning against the wall with three quilts wrapped over the rungs.


Diana said...

I am Jen's cousin. I am excited about your blog, I only wish that I lived closer! I love the idea of the ladder!

karenfae said...

I too love the ladder idea, I saw this someplace in a magazine for decorating and saw it both of the ways that you have shown. Did you purchase these ladders new or found in a junk store type of place? So cool to have 5 sisters sharing a blog and all of you quilt.

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea and can never be outdated since family goes on and on from generation