Wednesday, December 3, 2008

99 and 1

This quilt was designed by Bliss. I used a different red/white fabric in each of the 99 blocks pulled from my "meager" stash. Each block is set off by plain red sashing followed by a floral print for the outside border. (99 blocks and 1 border is my interpretation of the name of the quilt.) After I finished piecing the top, Bliss stippled the quilt and then I bound it in the same red used in the sashing. We did this all in March of 2008. It is a fun, cheery quilt and could be made using any two colors or an assortment of colors.

From Bliss: Here is the black and white version. The coloring on both these look a little odd on the blog -but they are done in just red/white and black/white.

Grey added green and blue thin rick rack to my border and two sweet birds.


Jenifer Moss said...

how fun!! i love to see your quilts, and even if we are the only ones who ever look at the website, it is still SO FUN!!

Bliss Sawyer said...

... and maybe our moms!