Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I'll post my Christmas quilt from 2006. I liked that this pattern had presents under the tree and a star on top, as opposed to other rag Christmas tree quilts I have seen (the poor lighting on my photo doesn't do it justice). I borrowed the pattern from Judy, so she'll have to tell us what the name of it is.


Bliss said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS! We are just winding down from our annual Christmas eve party and I was just thinking how much fun we always had with you and your family! Maybe we'll be close enough to do it again one day.

Barb said...

Sometimes I will take a picture of a quilt and it is really pretty but when it gets on line, it is not as vibrant....but that is really a nice Tree and presents...great job.

Judy said...

Julie, it looks SOOO good! I still haven't done this one.