Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Quilt... take one

finished November 2007
finished Novemeber 2008

OK, all of us made one (or more) of these Christmas quilts-- it was the block of the month kit at our local quilt shop last year.
I thought it would be fun to see how different all of our quilts turned out.
Don't look too closely at mine. I go for SPEED. (The quilt I finished last month, I actually hot glued most of the buttons on because I was so sick of sewing them.)

I realized that I can't stand block of the months, because by the end of 12 months I'm so sick of looking at the quilt I have a hard time finishing it. I'd rather do all 12 months at one time. Make a mess then clean it up and be done with it. (Yes, I really do make a mess when I quilt. Susan, Bliss- NO COMMENTS!)

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Bliss Sawyer said...

You really can't expect me to NOT comment. Your quilt messiness gives me great joy (or at least a bit of laughter) just when I need it! Congrats on finishing both quilts! And the pillows look great. I think we need to call you speedy-quilter.