Wednesday, December 24, 2008

remembering grams.

Sorry this is blurry-- It is a picture of my grandma wearing one of the dresses that I cut up for these quilts. It says, In loving memory of Mildred Elisabeth Lefferts "Grams".

My Grandma died at Christmas time two years ago.

Last year for Christmas my aunt sent me all my grandmother's summer dresses and I cut them up and sewed these memory quilts for each of my grandmothers 4 daughters and 1 son. In an odd twist of fate, the quilts arrived at their homes on the exact one year anniversary of my grandma's death.

This year, I sent a gram's quilt to my little sister.

She cried.

She said it is her favorite gift ever.

I love quilts.

I love my Grams.

I love the thought of family still wrapped up in her love.

(I love remembering the HUGE clearance sale where I found the backings for the quilts. I KNOW my ever bargain-shopper grandmother was on my shoulder for that find.)

May you have a day of warm remembering!


Bliss said...

I will, always and forever, find you amazing! I saw these quilts before they were shipped and they are a fabulous memory! Will you make some for my kids when I die? Do I have to start wearing funky clothes?

Shanna said...

How special! Thoughtful and full of meaning...thank you for sharing.

Barb said...

That makes me cry just reading about it, what a special gift.