Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lubbock Quilt

Bliss has been after me to post some pics of my 'Lubbock quilt.'

She and I have made a couple of these quilts [on a much smaller scale] for friends who have moved away.

I got a bit carried away on mine; it's between a Queen and King size. It was fun to make [but not to quilt]; I backed it with a fine gauge courdoury, so it's very heavy.

Bliss here.... this is a picture of the Lubbock quilt we all made for our quilting friend Julie Olson who deserted us to move to Michigan.


Jenifer said...

this is so fun!! i want one... we're moving in two years so you and bliss better get busy. ;)
cute, cute!! and, way to get the computer up and running!!

Bliss said...

Susan - your quilt is beautiful! Thanks for putting it up for everyone to see. It has been so much fun to give this quilt to our friends as they move. Jen - you can't leave us! We'll make you a quilt if you don't move. ha ha.

Judy said...

Susan, really like your quilt. I don't have a "Texas" quilt either and I don't think I'm moving!

Shari said...

What a fun quilt! I love the cow print sashing. Good to see someone who is proud of their home state and their home town!