Monday, December 8, 2008

spray basting... the stuff dreams are made of.

This stuff is great. It has changed my life.
When I first met my quilt sisters they were basting a quilt in the back bedroom. That night I woke up at 2am thinking that I had heard a spray bottle. I barely waited till a reasonable hour before calling Grey to ask her where all the PINS had gone. That was a birth of a new era in my life.

I have heard that not all sprays are created equal. We only use the PINK kind that you can buy at Hancock Fabrics.

I know it's scarey to try something new, so I'm showing you step by step just how easy and amazing this is. You'll LOVE IT!! I promise.

Step ONE: Take your batting outside and lightly spray one side. (It's best to have a friend hold the batting so you can spray... although all of us have had fun trying to spray by ourselves in the West Texas wind.) The girls tell me NEVER to spray inside because it will ruin your carpet.
Step TWO: Lay the batting on the floor (sticky side up). Lay the backing on top, centering it and pulling it taught as you lay it down. Rub all around to get out the wrinkles. If you see any big wrinkles, you can lift the fabric and place it again.
Step THREE: Take the batting (now with backing on it) back outside, and spray the other side.
Step FOUR: Lay the batting on the floor again (sticky side up). Take the front of your quilt and place it centered on the batting. I like to fold the quilt front in half so it is easier to get straight.
Step FIVE: Rub out any wrinkles.
You're all ready to quilt by hand or machine.
oh. this is SO MUCH better than pinning.
love it.


Shari said...

I've spray basted before but the overspray is a real headache. I did it on the floor in the garage with a bigger sheet underneath and I still had to mop the floor as well as wash the sheet. How did it go outside? and trouble with overspray?

Bliss said...

I love spray basting!!! I'd rather poke my eyes out than do it the old way with pins.

To answer Shari's question - It doesn't matter if there is overspray when outside, that's the great thing! It really doesn't take a thick coat of spray so I can usually get 4-5 quilts out of one can.

Paula said...

Never spray indoors, unless you LIKE that light headed, woozy feeling! Frightening.....

Shanna said...

Another question for you...does it leave a gunky build up on your needles when you quilt? Love the blog, by the way!!

Bliss said...

In answer to the question from Shanna about if the spray basting gunks up the needle.... I haven't had a problem with this and I've been using it for over 4 years. I have heard that the other kinds are more problematic, so make sure you get Sullivans Quilt Basting Spray in the pink can.