Thursday, December 4, 2008

old time courthouse steps...

This is my FAVORITE quilt!
I inherited it when Todd's grandmother was donating it to charity because it has some frayed areas around the edges. It was made BY HAND by her great-grandmother (I think). It is hand quilted and hand pieced. I'm not sure, but I think the some of the lighter pieces are just the darker pieces bleached. (Did they even have bleach back then?) Anyway, I think this would be so fun to make with your stash. Of course, I highly recommend using your sewing machine, and your rotary cutter.

Bliss has an adorable red and white ticking quilt that I think is also this courthouse stairs pattern. (The one hanging in your bedroom.) If we ask real nice she may post it for us. I REALLY want to copy it.

Quilt Stats--
The whole quilt is 5 blocks by 6 blocks.
Each block measures 13x13 inches.
The center brown square is 2.5x2.5 inches.
There are 6 strips around the block, each measuring 1.5x1.5 inches.

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