Sunday, January 11, 2009

two little monkeys.

i have two friends that are sisters, they live together, and they both had baby boys pretty close together. these are the quilts that i came up with for their two little guys.

i'm trying to get rid of the fabric that i have so i can buy new fabric that i love.
this was a great quilt to use up any of my blues... i used a green sheet from ikea for the back and pulled that around as the binding. i stippled one quilt and used swirls and stars on the other.

the monkey, i saw on a beanbag that was for sale (at THIS shop- Cocoon Couture)... my husband and i copied the basic shape and our little monkey's were born...
easy. fun. finished!!

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Bliss said...

LOVE the monkey.. and the matching quilts with their names!