Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hand Warmers

A fun winter quilt! "Hand Warmers" is found in the book Holiday Wrappings: Quilts to Welcome the Season. As you can probably tell, the quilt needs to be quilted and bound -- and have decorative buttons added. But, I needed something on my wall for January, so it will remain there throughout the month! It will be so cute when done! It's a great pattern to pull from your black and white stash and the brightly colored applique mittens don't take much fabric at all. Now, the buttons may be another matter -- 96 white buttons (5/8") for around the snowflakes and 120 bright buttons (1/2" to 7/8") for on the mittens (3 buttons on each mitten). So, start collecting those buttons!


Bliss said...

I don't think I can be your friend any more. Now I have to make this one. Yours turned out wonderful! Not sure if I'll do ALL the buttons... but we'll see. I do have to keep up with my quilt sisters.

Maybe you should take a break from quilting. Or not show me any more patterns. Or maybe I should have some self control.... or maybe not. I'm off to go through my black and white stash.

Jenifer said...

cute, cute!! love it.

Shanna said...

Wonderful job!! Love this wintery quilt!