Thursday, January 15, 2009

Music Quilt

This took me forever to finish (over a year?), but it was finally mailed off to it's recipient before Christmas! We moved after I started it, and then my machine was broken for a while, and I stewed forever about how to quilt it. I also had to work at getting some oil spots off of it, either from my sewing machine or my washer. Grrrr. Sorry photos are kind of dark. I really must do something about the poor lighting and ugly paint in my family room.

This is one block (slightly wide). I free-motioned music notation symbols in the white areas where blocks joined. A straight black line of quilting goes diagonally through the black areas. Plus there's stitch-in-the-ditch around the "sheet music."

I improvised on the back. Since it is a square quilt, I made a "courthouse steps" with pieces of large music fabric scraps I had (I'm usually too cheap to buy backing fabric). The size of the steps depended on how much of each fabric I had.

This is where I got the pattern:


Barb said...

That is totally awesome!! What a wonderful job and such detail. I love the way you can hang your quilts. I have no where to display them for taking pictures. This is not my home anyways so can't make permanent holes. Thanks for showing it...I know it took you alot of time...and I also like the idea about the backing. It cost so much sometimes just to get material for the back.

Jenifer said...

i like the piano border... is it pieced or a fabric that you found?
looks great!!

Judy said...

This recipient hasn't gotten your quilt yet... :-) (just kidding)! Julie, you are always so creative in the things that you do to your quilts. I thought the idea of quilting music notations free motion was so creative. Thanks for sharing with us.

Bliss said...

SOMETHING must be wrong with the mail service here in Texas... I haven't gotten my package yet. Ha Ha. You are amazing!!

Love the back too - what a great idea!

Shanna said...

Oh my goodness!! I love this quilt!! It is amazing and I just love what you did with the theme! Great job :o)

stitch-in-the-ditch said...

The border is a print...I wouldn't have the patience to piece piano keys! It almost did me in to have to piece two lengths exactly right, so as not to ruin the order of the keys.