Saturday, January 24, 2009

Handwarmers... take 2

Judy knows that I LOVE black and white fabric (and have LOTS of it) so she shared this pattern with me a couple of months ago. I wasn't too motivated to get it done until I saw Judy's post and fell in love with it again!

Here's a quiz:
what's wrong with this quilt?
comment if you can find it.
I once heard that the Amish do one block wrong
on each quilt to show humility.
I do one block wrong on each quilt
because I make mistakes.
lots of mistakes.

Note the buttons. The pattern also shows 8 white button
between each star point. I'm NOT doing that!

And now I'm addicted to funky backs.
Thanks, Jen.

Dear husband and evil dog helping me baste.
Don't know what I'd do without one.
Would love to try to do without the other.


Judy said...

It looks great -- even the stars :-) I'm glad to see you got it done! I still have to quilt mine (i.e., have it quilted) and sew the buttons on -- but it is hanging for the month of January!

Bliss said...

hey i can't belev no one has found the mastak yet

p.s.I'm not a good speller

love, shea

Barb said...

You must have hid the mistake. I am glad there are other people out there that make mistakes. I was telling a gal at church today about how perfect everyone stuff is online and I love it when someone says they made a mistake, I don't feel so alone when they do. I will admit, I can't see did an awesome job!!

Paula said...

Is there a star point missing???

Jenifer said...

i found it too... but it adds character!! (not quite as much character as your half circle quilt) great quilt!! i love it. not to be morbid, but can i have that one when you die? thanks.

Jenifer said...

love the funky back!

stitch-in-the-ditch said...

I've just added another quilt to my "must do someday" list!

Chris said...

OH, I think I see it. One of the star points is wonky. I love wonky. I do wonky all the time.

Linda from Jax. FL said...

Button button, who's has the button!

The green mittens have only 2 buttons. The other mittens have 3 buttons.

Your quilt is pretty!