Friday, January 23, 2009

Snowmen in the Woods

So I made this quilt this past summer for my sister-in-law who LOVES snowmen......

of course I am just now getting around to finishing one for me!

This is a very versatile pattern and can be done many different ways to suit your own taste. The pattern is a combination of rotary cutting and piecing, paper foundation blocks and applique. It can be found at

I'm glad I finally got it done now that it is the end of January and down here in Texas we are headed into spring! : )


Barb said...

THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS!!! Gotta love it....we are headed that way in a few years.

Simply love the snowmen...I think I will go check out the pattern. Thanks.

Jenifer said...

looks great! thanks for sharing!!! (we need to hurry and finish our easter one... did you ever finish those bunnies? i didn't.)

Shari said...

Love snowmen. Fabric ones are my favourite kind.