Thursday, January 22, 2009

e.t..... I'm here! Just not sewing much. And it hurts.

OK.... I don't have a finished project to show. I am a loser.

Life has gotten in the way of quilting. (and yes, that makes me grumpy:) But here is a display idea for everyone:

Put up your wallhanging (larger sizes won't work with this) using straight pins in the top corners. It takes some effort, but the pins WILL go into drywall. Then put a nail above the wallhanging on each corner. For the decorative look, I purchased 2 unfinished rosettes from Home Depot and painted them black. Hot glue a large paper clip to the back and this hangs on the nail.


Jackie Russell said...

Great idea! I have a few quilts hanging with pins too.

~Michelle~ said...

Great idea! I'm totally bookmarking this post! You should submit that one to the tips column of a quilt magazine - they seem to give you $$ for good ideas, and I bet this would be published. :)

Barb said...

I have used pins to hand wall quilts before...doesn't leave a the idea of the decorative wood as well.

Bliss said...

What magazine do you recommend I submit this to??