Thursday, January 29, 2009


I wasn't going to blog about this quilt because I can't find the pattern (I modified it from something in a magazine) But it's been cold here and I'm feeling all wintery... plus no one's blogged for a bit.

I like to change out the quilt in my entry way for each season. West Texas doesn't have much of a winter... so I need all the reminders of snow I can get! The blocks here were a bit of a pain with all the points, add in the fact that I am NOT a perfectionist and you get a recipe for a not-perfect quilt. But I still carry on.... I love star blocks!


Barb said...

to me quilts are very forgiving, no one will notice whether it is on point or any mistake in there (in your case) it is awesome.

Judy said...

Nice quilt! Let me know if you find the pattern.

Chris Cruse said...

I think your quilt is gorgeous but mostly I just wanted to say how thrilled I am to hear someone else say they are not a perfectionist. I also blog with my best friend, we think of ourselves as sisters as well. But alas, she is the perfectionist, I am the un-perfectionist. lol Anyway, I'm enjoying your blogs and look forward to seeing what else we all may have in common.

Anonymous said...

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