Monday, January 19, 2009

i went scrappy. (and i'm happy).

Thanks for all of your advice.
In the end, I opted for FREE (and to stay in my pjs all day).
It feels good to know I finished the girls' beds without spending any money.
(Now I can spend money on the rest of the room.) :)

This is the end result.

My girls LOVE to show everyone the pillows that they designed.
I LOVE the sense of self confidence they get whenever they look at their bed.

I just made a basic Log Cabin. I cut all of my bright scraps/stash fabrics into 2.5 inch strips (or you could use a jelly roll). I started with a square 2.5 x 2.5 and added to it, sewing, cutting, ironing, sewing, cutting, ironing. I put a square of white as my last log cabin layer. I made 63 of these blocks and sewed them together in rows of 7 by 9. That's it.
Here's my tip. I didn't realize that you could sew a log cabin wrong. But you can. See my picture above. Be careful when you sew the 4th fabric on. It should be touching the 1st and 3rd fabrics, not the 1st and 2nd.
One thing I liked about this process was that I had a lot of 2.5 inch strips. I pieced them together for the binding. Overall it turned out to be a great way to use up fabric that I've had forever.


Kerri said...

it turned out beautiful!! i love the scrappiness of it all! the pillows are great too! how exciting for your girls. i'm going to start this week on some quilts for my girls too. :)

debbie in San Diego said...

Oh it is beautiful! The girls are so lucky to have just a cute bedroom!
Thank you for the info on how you made this beautiful quilt.

Kama @ Today's Housewife said...

Those are so adorable! I am making a quilt for my son and think that the backing will look like yours because it just ties it all together and looks so cute!

Bliss said...

BEAUTIFUL! You did a fabulous job.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

It turnes out wonderful, what happy girls, and happy mommy, you have great scraps!!

Barb said...

It did turn out wonderfully....what an awesome job. What a bright colorful room for them...nice and cheery....

Shanna said...

Looks fantastic!! And I love all the pillows and how everything just goes together so well!! I think you chose very well for the backs!

DiddleDaddleDesigns said...

i love the scrappy look but with the constant of white it brings it all together. The pillows are fantastic. Way to go to those girls.

corrie said...

Really beautiful! I love it.