Wednesday, April 29, 2009

block-a-day quilt party

I saw this fun idea over at Crazy Mom Quilts
and decided... hey - what's one more

I LOVE using my scraps... so this a
perfect quilt for me!

Basically, all you do is make one 6" nine-patch
each day and by about mid-summer you'll have
enough for THIS:

Want to do it with me??
it'll be fun....


Shari said...

I saw this and I must confess it's so tempting. But it was only one more straw that broke the camel's back! Still, it could be scrappy, so not a lot of cutting and thinking involved... hmmmmm....

Lisa said...

Love the looks of how the quilt will look! Wish I had time to join in, but i'll sit by and watch this time. Can't wait to see it done and what a great way to use up scraps!

Leyla said...

I'm very tempting with your idea because my scrappy reserve is very big.
I'm not very good with the nine patch, but I found good to improve it.
Sorry for my english, greetings from Switzerland

Cinlyn said...

You make it sound so simple that it's tempting! LOL

Law Family said...

I wish you lived here and I would do it with you! Its so cute!

Melissa Wilson said...

I have to find scraps. I LOVE this quilt. I just looked over the blog and I am now hooked (if I wasn't before) on quilting. I love the blog and will be checking back often!