Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Lights

Wayyyy back in 2005, I went to the Houston Quilt show and bought this beautiful pattern.  About every six months, I have taken it out.  Looked at it.  Dreamed of making it.  And the promptly put it back in my "quilts to make someday" list.

Then I had a vision.  A vision of a year without quilt presents for family and friends.  A year when I would only make things for myself.  I'm calling this my selfish phase.  And I'm loving it!!!

Trust me, a king size quilt is VERY time-consuming.   I get an A+ for selfishness!

Holiday Lights pattern by Alex Anderson

Holiday Lights quilt by ME.  Merry Christmas ya'll!


Judy said...

Beautiful -- it looks so good! Great minds think alike -- I'm making that same pattern :) I wonder how long it will take me to finish it as I keep moving other projects in front of it?! Glad you got it finished.

Julie said...

I think you get an A+ for effort, and completed project, and merit!