Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I. am. in. love.

LADIES - Where have you been?????  I've been missing our quilt club and thinking of ya'll lately.  So much so that I had to go buy a new machine to make myself feel better.  Oh yeah... I'm in love.  Bernina 440QE.  The COOLEST thing is the stitch regulator for free motion quilting.  It's going to be STIPPLE-MANIA at my  house!!!

I don't exactly know how to use this fancy-schmancy new machine but I get free classes (can you call it free if the machine costs as much as one of my vehicles?  It is an old vehicle - but still!)

So sisters..... Let's get this blog rolling again!  I want to see what you have been working on.   Here is your assignment:  Post a recent project.  Sew.  Order pizza for the family.  Sew some more.  Post again.  We don't have to live in the same state to have our sisterhood.  Can't wait to hear from everyone!!


I've made this quilt before... and love how it uses up my stash.
I had a vision board (work) party last week and gave this away.


Julie said...

"I. am. jealous."

Judy said...

Still here -- just sewing away! I've been meaning to post, but ... Wow! A new machine -- my dream!