Wednesday, June 8, 2011

YW Camp Quilt

With the Young Women's camp about a month away, the Stake YW Camp Leader asked me if I would do a camp quilt. She gave me the names of the flowers each group of girls had chosen and asked me to incorporate these into the quilt. So, I put together a design, adding the theme, scripture, and value colors to pull it together and make it bigger -- it turned out about 50 x 69 inches. The center flower -- the artichoke -- was chosen by the priesthood and since there were no more virtue colors, I bordered it in black. I wasn't able to find the flower in fabric either, so I downloaded a color picture of it, then took it to the local fabric store where they printed it onto a piece of fabric for me. Cathy quilted it and added the virtues (in each virtues color) in the black border (hard to see in the picture). It was both fun and challenging. Hopefully, the young woman who wins it will like it too!


Shea said...

amazingly beautiful. What a treasure!!!

Bliss said...

Oops that comment went from Shea's account. But I'm sure she would think it wonderful too:)

Julie said...

What a great idea! Well done!