Monday, April 5, 2010

For a rainy day...

First, I was going to make this quilt for my mother as she is from Ketchikan, AK which is one of the rainiest places on earth.

Then I was going to make it for my daughter who is returning home TOMORROW after serving an 18 month mission in Seattle, WA. Another very rainy place.

But then I made the quilt.
Sorry ladies... I guess I just don't love you enough.


Judy said...

Your quilt looks great! Perfect for April, I think. Maybe I'll have mine finished for NEXT April :)

Julie said...

Really cute colors! Welcome home Kayla!

Law Family said...

That is so cute!! I don't blame you for not giving it to them! You need to keep some of your quilts for you!!

Johanna said...

I came across this blog while I was searching for a quilt pattern that uses The Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric. I fell in love with the quilt that Susan did and I would like to do something similar for my first niece. I would love to be able to contact her to ask her a few questions. Is there any way for this to happen. My e-mail address is

Thank you,