Friday, February 6, 2009

I must really love my mother!

I'm already working on two other big projects for my mom.
What can I say.... I love her!
She called the other day to say that her Christmas wallhanging
was still up and the only other thing she has from me
is a 4th of July wallhanging. What's a quilt girl to do?
So.... I pulled out Cool Girls Quilt and started cutting out
Crazy For You. Now remember - I make mistakes and on
this one it was BIG. I didn't read that I was supposed to ENLARGE
the circle 125%. That's right, the circles are supposed to be
LARGER than the flowers. But I modified and just used 6 and
I actually like it. I hope she does too!


Barb said...

You really must love your mother...and that quilts is so bright and cheery, she will love it!!

Judy said...

Cute quilt! Looks easy and fast -- that's what I need to do next!

Law Family said...

Your mother is great, I love her too! She will love the quilt! I have to admit I was tempted to leave my Christmas quilt up also, because it is beautiful!

Susan said...

Love it : )

Barb said...

Me again,I have just awarded your blog the lemonade award, hop on over there and pick it up.

Shari said...

I really like how the circles are smaller than the flowers - a mistake becomes a great design feature! So bright and cheery - perfect for spring!